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Pre-Hire and Promotion Assessment

Studies estimate that as much as 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring or promotion decisions, with the cost of replacing a mis-hired or mis-promoted employee running to at least 2 1/2 times the employee’s salary. With the imperative upon organizations to grow and optimize their workforces, it is prudent to mitigate selection risks as much as possible when hiring and promoting.

Unfortunately, too many leaders rely on “gut feel” and impressions when hiring, often hiring in their own image and overlooking many potentially successful candidates. Leaders also have a tendency to hire or promote based on past performance rather than on culture fit and other key success factors that could translate into success in a different company or at a different level of the organization.

Because of these and other unintentional, unrecognized internal biases, advice from outside the organization can be an important part of building a robust employee on-boarding plan. Outsiders can be more detached, more able to view the candidate, the culture, and the organizational needs objectively.

The benefits to organizations of our pre-hire assessment approach include improved hiring decisions and improved and accelerated on-boarding. Here we provide feedback to the selected candidate, assistance with building an on-boarding plan, identification of potential hurdles and how to overcome them, and strategies for ramping up faster. The result is that new hires add value faster.