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Executive Coaching

Helping leaders go from “good” to “great” has a substantial impact on business performance. To build leadership bench strength and successfully navigate change, companies must accelerate their leaders’ readiness.

Unfortunately, line managers are often stretched thinly with existing responsibilities. Moreover, few line managers have distinctive skills and experience in coaching others on how to achieve breakthrough performance. Given the constraints and challenges of conducting coaching internally, many firms look to outside for help. But in a world with almost as many coaches as leaders, how does one distinguish between the average, the good, and the great coaches?

What sets our coaches apart from other coaches is our combination of behavioral coaching skills, understanding of the leadership behaviors required to win, and change leadership savvy. Many firms offer behavioral coaching support but, while this important, we consider behavioral coaching to be simply “table stakes.” To justify the investment of a leader’s scarce and precious time, coaching needs to deliver much more.

Our coaches have a keen understanding of what it takes to scale as a leader in a broad range of situations from high-potentials adapting to stretch/developmental roles in large companies to leaders of startups taking on increased responsibility as their business evolves to in-place executives facing a complex change agenda or looking to optimize their existing management skill set.

Our coaches are experts at creating powerful learning experiences for those we coach. We are highly skilled at asking the pressure-point questions that help leaders confront the paradoxes and false dichotomies that often inhibit break-through leadership performance and innovation. We are teachers of change leadership and organizational agility. We help leaders think differently about dilemmas they face, whether addressing resistance to change, navigating complex political dynamics, or adapting previously-successful leadership behaviors to the needs of new roles.

We help line managers by providing challenging and supportive results-driven coaching and advisory services. Often, after we conduct in-depth leadership assessments, we help leaders develop strategies, tactics, and skills for high performance in their current role, while building a foundation for more senior roles. We work closely with line managers, HR business partners, and mentors about how best to help develop each leader.