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Executive Assessment

Clients who seek us out for executive assessment services are typically CEOs, CHROs, or business unit general managers in companies ranging from Fortune 1000 companies to entrepreneurial ventures in any industry vertical and across the Americas, EMEA, and Asia Pacific.

Every executive assessment project begins with an in-depth study of your company and situation, including your business strategy and talent needs. We believe that the best leadership assessments are grounded in the business situation. We also believe that strategy and organizational design are critical factors to understand in order to advise about individual leadership competence and potential.

We have conducted many thousands of high-touch executive assessments over the last fifteen years and have deep experience in CEO succession planning, C-suite and executive succession, and talent management. What matters most in executive assessment is the experience and capability of the specific team that will assess your executives. We pride ourselves on being one of the most experienced core assessment teams in the world.

We apply this core capability in executive assessment to meet specific client needs in the following four areas:

  • Executive Assessment:  We deliver robust, high-touch, and data-driven assessments to advise companies about their talent, work with line managers to help them get the most out of their people, and coach participants to accelerate their performance and talent readiness.
  • Succession Planning: We conduct rigorous assessments of successor candidates, advise the organization about talent readiness and potential moves, and then accelerate the readiness of talent through experiences, coaching and leader development.
  • Hybrid / Scalable Leadership Assessment:  We deliver scalable and high impact leadership assessments, advise line managers about how to support development, and coach leaders to achieve real change.
  • Pre-Hire and Promotion Assessments: We provide data-driven and objective assessments to help hiring managers to better understand the readiness of external or internal candidates for a target role, benchmark the leader against market capabilities, advise about mitigating selection risk, and then accelerate the on-boarding of the selected candidate.