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Business Growth Leadership Programs

What keeps CEOs up at night is profitable growth. And one of the biggest barriers to achieving profitable growth is senior leadership that is aligned about the business growth strategy and what it will take to achieve profitable growth.

We design and deliver custom business growth leadership programs to bring a group of senior leaders on a journey resulting in increased alignment, increased understanding about profitable growth and organizational design choices, and increased confidence that they have the fundamentals to lead growth.

To close the knowing-doing gap, our programs are custom and tailored to your business situation and corporate culture. Rather than use off-the-shelf business school cases, we develop custom business school caliber cases. Rather than work on role plays, we focus on real play where participants discuss and address company-specific strategy and business challenges.

We front load our programs with pre-work to inject fresh thinking and get participants to think differently in order to free up session time for practical application and group discussion.

Whenever possible, we have participants work on real business challenges in diverse teams that result in real business impact.

Our distinctive experience in assessing executives provides us with an in-depth understanding of the business leadership needs of most typical of high-growth companies. This provides an excellent foundation that is followed by in-depth interviews of company stakeholders and study of the business situation and corporate culture.

We augment our core consulting team with long standing learning and development project partners who are world-class development facilitators and executive coaches.