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Next Generation / High Potential Leadership Development Programs

CEOs and HR heads increasingly see the need to dramatically raise the capabilities of current and future leaders to face unprecedented change and complexity. They want a strong set of players on the top team – and a strong bench that is ready to step up as the organization grows and promotes its leaders. And they want to unlock the potential of leaders in mission-critical roles to perform at their very best. Yet most leadership development programs, at best, result in modest change in behavior and only incremental performance improvement.

We help senior HR executives and organizational learning executives develop the capabilities of leaders at all levels – particularly their ability to lead across cultures, work collaboratively with other functional leaders, and get better at leading organizational change.

We specialize in helping organizations link leadership development programs to business goals and outcomes, and are experts in personal transformation. We have experience designing industry-leading development programs and experiences for some of the world’s largest organizations, as well as smaller organizations.

We encourage our clients to “put their learning and development budget to work”. Our approach aligns development activity with real business activity, whether it be strategy execution or business transformation. Not only does this increase your return on investment but this also dramatically increases the effectiveness of both business and development activity.

We are particularly passionate about developing the high potential talent who will someday lead your business. We advise our clients to put their best people to work on their most pressing business issues – and accelerate their development at the same time. Our approach to high potential leadership development focuses on the most threatening disruptive changes facing the organization – and integrates development with addressing these pivotal challenges.

We also bring to our clients proprietary content that helps them to make sense of the complexity they are facing in their business environment and as leaders. We believe there is a fine line between simplistic and complicated approaches to leadership and change. We help leaders to engage with the necessary complexity when facing change and we challenge them to formulate the clearest thinking and decisive action that will lead to a winning and adaptive outcome. While we too are allergic to jargon, we do introduce well considered concepts and ideas as a vehicle to help leaders see complexity and better navigate change.

Our facilitators and coaches are experienced and highly skilled at creating engaging, relevant, and transformative leadership experiences. Most of our work is sequenced over multiple workshops with fieldwork between sessions to ensure that real change and progress happens. We work with you to design these programs that often include senior leadership forums, networking events, simulations, and fun activities as well as real work on business challenges, transformative learning and skills practice.