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Hybrid/Scalable Leadership Assessment

While high touch executive assessment remains the gold standard for building a data-driven foundation for accelerating talent readiness, clients oftentimes ask us for a more scalable approach that they can adopt for a larger leadership population. Unsatisfied with multi-rater survey tools that generate lengthy reports of data with minimal analysis, prioritization, and business situation specific relevance, these clients want most of the high touch benefits but with greater efficiency.

To accommodate this need, we have developed a hybrid / scalable leadership assessment offering that blends the best of both the high touch and survey approaches. Our approach includes a participant intake conversation, an in-depth manager interview, and multi-rater survey feedback with open-ended questioning. Our proprietary multi-rater survey is closely aligned with the competency-based approach that we use in our high touch executive assessment work.

Our approach is analysis-heavy. We produce a concise assessment report focused on strengths to leverage, business-specific development recommendations, talent implications, competency scoring, and illustrative comments. We anchor the manager debrief and participant feedback sessions in this data-driven approach and collaborate with the participate to produce a one-page development action plan. We then advise the participant and manager to accelerate implementation of the plan and remove barriers to progress.