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Organizational Effectiveness Services

We are expert at working with groups of people, whether executive teams, Boards of Directors, or organizational sub-teams to align, develop, and accelerate their impact. We work with companies large and small to improve the effectiveness of the CEO, top team, and Board across all industries. Sometimes team effectiveness or strategic alignment needs are surfaced after we complete a large number of executive assessments but in other cases clients seek us out for specific help.

Executive teams and Boards are often comprised of strong personalities. It takes judgment and experience to navigate these waters skillfully. Our consultants are experienced with working at the top in large companies and high-growth startups.

We start each organizational effectiveness project the same way: in-depth interviews of the key stakeholders to surface the key issues and sensitivities, plus work with executive sponsors to design effective and culturally appropriate interventions, such as team sessions and individual coaching.

Our core team members have deep experience and training in team effectiveness, group dynamics, and coaching. Which means that, once we have assessed the situation, we have the intervention skills to tackle tough interpersonal dynamics.

Once we have helped the top team align and transform its culture, we are often asked to work with teams down the organization.

We serve clients primarily in the following four areas:


  • Executive Team EffectivenessWe help leaders to align their teams, run effective and efficient meetings, foster collaboration and teamwork, transform sub-optimal dynamics, and improve decision-making.
  • Board of Directors EffectivenessWe help the CEO / Board Chair to assess the effectiveness of the Board of Directors individually and collectively and then take steps to enhance impact.
  • Strategic AlignmentWe help leaders to align their workforces and accelerate the execution of strategic priorities.
  • Organizational ChangeWe help leaders of organizations successfully navigate change and rejuvenate their culture.