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Strategic Alignment

Ultimately, most growth strategies and strategic initiatives live and die with alignment and execution. Yet strategic alignment and disciplined execution is still a struggle for most senior executives and companies.

We work with teams from the top down to identify points of misunderstanding and to build commitment for disciplined execution. We rapidly generate one-page strategic action plans which are developed collaboratively with each executive and senior leader. These plans help CEOs and business unit leaders efficiently review the behavioral alignment of their executives and senior leaders with strategic plans and performance objectives. In some cases, we then work with specific executives or leaders to fine tune their plan or bring their plan into strategic alignment. We then coach CEOs and business unit leaders to embed reviews of these strategic alignment plans into their 1:1 check-ins with their people.

These plans are then used in team sessions to build awareness about what team members are working on and to identify opportunities for collaboration and removal of barriers. In some cases, the approach is cascaded several layers down the organization and refreshed quarterly or semi-annually. What matters most is that these plans become a dynamic managerial tool that extends the leadership impact of the CEO and top team members to align the company and accelerate execution.