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Succession Planning

In today’s ultra-competitive business environment, ensuring that you have a pipeline of leaders poised to fuel the high growth of the company is critically important. Leaders have a huge impact on the success or failure of an endeavor, and even temporary leadership vacuums can have devastating consequences. Companies that can accelerate their succession readiness are better positioned in the long-run to compete and to win.

Unfortunately, succession planning is often delayed or done on an emergency, ad hoc basis. When succession planning does happen, it is sometimes swayed by favoritism and bias, both conscious and unconscious. People outside the succession team often wonder whether the playing field was level and whether the selection process was fair. Plus, succession planning often overlooks talent that, with proper training and development, could become viable succession candidates.

We are experts in both assessment and development. Our consultants have assessed thousands of leaders, and we have substantial experience with succession planning and executive development. In our succession planning practice, we bring objectivity and impartiality that can help overcome favoritism and bias. Our process helps create the perception of a level playing field and lets people feel like they had a fair chance. Additionally, our expertise in development allows us to accelerate readiness and create viable candidates.

With our succession planning approach, companies will have the people needed to fill slots as the company grows, better selection decisions will be made, and boards will have greater confidence in succession planning and more ease with fulfilling their governance responsibilities regarding succession.